Homefront the revolution game: Release Date and Time USA, Canada, India

By Sozain on June 5, 2014

The video gaming is just like the passion and whether you are kid or youngster you cannot keep yourself away from video games. Especially for boys, the gaming is the ultimate fun and joy, mostly boys like the action, war and thriller type games. Homefront the revolution game is one of the exceptional quality action games; this game is actually about the guerilla war. This game is developed by the Kaos Studios and their co-publisher, Deep Silver and Crytek. The first game was released in 2011 and this game proved to be very successful. The way the team of developer promoted the game was actually the reason of its popularity.



Homefront the revolution game

Homefront the revolution game is designed on the whole American Revolution story and due to its popularity the developers of game have announced its sequel. This new game will be designed on the pattern of old game but the new version will have lot of other interesting features. It is expected that Homefront the revolution game will released in the 2015 and it will be available for PS4, Xbox One and PC. Up till now only one trailer is released by its manufacturers and the public has given very positive reviews about it.

The new game will allow the four players and at one time four people can play and along with this the new version will have so many latest weapons which will develop the interest more. Although the first version of the game was very popular but according to THQ the game was semi hit so in an interview the team told that this time people will be happier than before the innovative and unique features of the sequel will definitely give the lot of fun to people. Now the lovers of the revolution game have to wait for almost a year, the date of the game is yet not confirmed.